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How retailcloud makes differences

Once it was good enough for your POS to tell you what happened. Today your POS should tell you what is happening right now and perhaps what may happen in the future. Your POS should be the hub that connects the online and offline activity.

  • near_me

    Easy to Implement

    Comes with default settings, follow the implementation guide to customize the POS for you. You can be ready to go in half an hour with the basics, and add a little more everyday.

  • layers

    Easy to use

    Intuitive screens combined with chat support make it easy for your cashiers to use and get assistance. Customize the screens so they work best for you.

  • dashboard

    Easy to Manage

    Charts and reports give you all the necessary KPI’s for your business. nGauge, a phone app will also provide key sales, inventory and customer metrics on demand.

  • launch

    Future Proofed

    Updates to the POS are included. Want to upgrade to add new features like loyalty and time & attendance, that’s no problem. Adding an ecomm store? That's no problem as well.

Great Solutions, Great Support

Here is what some of our customer say about Customer Support.

  • Randi was super helpful. She tried hard to understand my business and what my needs were. I have to say he really understood exactly what I was looking for. Best service I have received in a long time. Thanks!

    Janet, Walla Walla Washington
  • I love how friendly everyone is through the chat support! You have been such a huge help already to this newbie.

    Ashley, Easley, NC
  • Eric was awesome rep. I had been evaluating various POS i had many concerns and he answer each one of them

    Patel, Morrisville PA
  • Brittany was great! She addressed and diagnosed my problem right away. Great service and very quick response :)

    Chris, Baltimore MD
  • Great service!!! Second time I used the chat and the 2nd experience has been awesome. Great job George!.

    Jose, Bayman Puerto Rico
  • Sam was very helpful and quick to give complete information. Great experience A+++

    Eric, Philadelphia PA
  • Brittany Very helpful girl! Give her a raise!
    Charlotte in my country we say you do it like are boss.
    Nicole was very help full thumbs up.

    Brent, Port of Spain Trinidad
  • Sam did a great job of continuing to help me solve the problem, even though it took several chat sessions over a couple of hours! Very patient and helpful!

    Victor, Lagos, Nigeria
  • Susan was amazing. i appreciated her assistance.

    Steven, Atlanta, GA
  • Eric was Very helpful, even when I had questions that I should have been able to just locate on my own.

    Peter, Ellensburg, WA